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Condom Brands available in India

The Condom Brands Available in India can be broadly divided into three categories as

  • Commercial brands 
  • Social Marketing brands &
  • Brands under Government program

Apart from this many imported condom brands are also available.

The commercially available condom brand in India come in various textures, flavours and with different type of lubricants. 

We thought of compiling the list of Condoms in India for you.

The major commercially marketed brands include..

1. Kohinoor condoms

Kohinoor is a nationally renowned and highly preferred condom brand among the young men and women of India. Known for its wide range of condoms to suit the tastes and preferences of millions of young customers across the country, Kohinoor has carved a niche for itself in the sexual wellness industry in India as a reliable and youthful brand.
Kohinoor is owned by Reckitt and Benckiser India

2. Kamasutracondoms

KamaSutra condoms is one of the best condom brands in India and is the second largest in the country. It is manufactured by J.K. Ansell Ltd., which is a 50:50 joint venture between Raymond Group, India's largest fabric and branded apparel  company, and Ansell Limited, a world leader in barrier healthcare protection. 

JKAL has a condom manufacturing unit in Aurangabad in the state of Maharashtra, India with a manufacturing capacity of 350 million pieces per annum. JKAL commenced operations in 1991 and launched KamaSutra condoms the same year. Prior to the formation of the joint venture in 1996, the condom division was part of J.K. Chemicals Ltd., a subsidiary of the Raymond Group.

Apart from condoms, Kamasutra also manufactures deodorants, Delay sprays, creams, and balms

3. Manforce condoms

Manforce Condom is one of the premium quality Condom Brands in India which is manufactured under the guidelines of ISO certification. It is the No.1 selling condom brand in the country, hence the category leader.

There are 11 various types of Condoms available for Manforce Condoms out of which 9 are flavored condoms for extra pleasure & excitement e.g. Chocolate, Banana, Black Grapes, Strawberry etc. Manforce Condoms is available in different varieties like smooth, ultra thin, dotted, ribbed & contoured.

4. Moods condoms

Moods Condoms are made from made from natural rubber latex. It is manufactured by HLL Lifecare Limited, a Government of India undertaking. HLL was launched in 1966 with the aim of producing good quality condoms for the National Family Planning Program.

Moods Condoms came into existence in mid-1986, when HLL Lifecare Limited decided to develop a product to target the premium and upper middle class segment of the urban population in India. HLL today is one of the world's largest manufacturers of condoms. As of December 2012, its annual production totals around 800 million pieces across the globe.

The Moods brand, from the stable of the public sector enterprise (PSE), HLL Lifecare Limited, operates in the premium segment. Moods is present in many overseas markets in nearly 30 countries such as Africa, South America and UAE and is soon to launch in the UK and the US.

Due to its global presence, it maintains high quality standards where each condom is electronically tested for pinholes and weak spots and confirms to a range of international standards.

5. Durex condoms

Durex is truly an international condom brand known for its exotic range of condoms for variety of love making options. Durex has been serving mankind and allowing millions of men and women across the world enjoy safe sex for the past 75 years. 

Durex Condoms are manufactured using sophisticated machinery and each condom goes through stringent quality control measures to ensure they allow the user to experience maximum pleasure during love making without any fear or worry.

Condoms are made to pass through "airburst test" to determine its elasticity and endurance. Normally 18 litres of air is pumped into a condom during this test. However Durex tests its condoms by pumping in 40 litres of air without exploding.

This goes to prove Durex's commitment to go that extra mile and give something that can enhance intimacy, warmth, and attainment of extreme pleasure during love making.

6. Skore condoms 

Way back on  60's, it was a time  when people did not give credence    to  contraception or population. That's when TTK Protective Devices Limited (formerly TTK - LIG) made its entry and redefined the Indian viewpoint. TTK PDL, the pioneers of the condom manufacturing and marketing in the country is in condom business since 1950s and has pioneered various breakthroughs in the industry.

From establishing India's first condom manufacturing plant in 1963 to installing the country's first electronic testing facility; and from introducing India's first non-subsidised condom in 1974 to pioneering condom variants and pleasure enhancing accessories.

Skore Condom is TTK's trophy product and a condom brand that is very quickly becoming popular with couples across India. Skore is a refreshing, stylish and cool brand that fits in with the changing socio-cultural trend in the country and with the increasing awareness on safe relationship among the youth.

It boasts of a very exciting and trendy range consisting of coloured, flavoured, dotted and climax delay condoms. To the youth, Skore, with an exciting range of products, makes the practice of safe sex not just easily  workout , but easily enjoyable too.

7. Carex condoms

Carex is a well-known condom brand in the world condom market today. The company Karex Berhad was started as a family business, soon grown to become the largest condom manufacturer in the world producing 6 billion condoms per year.

What started as a small unit with an annual production capacity of 60 million soon turned out to become largest producer of condoms with 3 manufacturing units and 2000 employees involved in condom production.

Carex has necessary licenses, certifications and accreditations to be able to export the condoms to more than 110 countries across Africa, Asia, America and Europe. The quality of Carex is such that I is able to pass through stringent and diverse regulatory requirements of various regions across the world.

Besides manufacturing condoms, the company also manufactures and exports lubricating jelly and other medical devices such as catheters and probe covers.

8. Okamoto condoms

Okamoto's SKIN LESS SKIN condoms are touted as World's thinnest condoms. These exceptional condoms are made using revolutionary Japanese Technology which ensures highest standards of strength and durability while ensuring absolute pleasure as couples can experience the natural silkier feel of manhood during the love making.

Okamoto has been in the business for the past 75 years and the condoms are made to fulfil the basic feelings such as thinness and softness.

And the brand has been pushing the envelope in producing condoms with outstanding quality, without compromising 'safety' which is the most important reasons condoms are used for.

Thus, Okamoto condoms tread along the considerations of 'thinness', 'softness' and 'safety'

9. Playboy Condoms

Playboy is a leading condom brand that enjoys patronage of young men and women in over 127 countries. The condom is regarded as the sexiest condoms which can help couples bring romantic sex back into their bedroom.

Playboy has a rich legacy dating back to 1953 when Playboy magazine was launched. Playboy magazine has crazy followers across the world and no wonder the brand is among the globally recognized trademarks.

Playboy condom is an instant hit soon after its launch as the brand is associated with sophistication and romance. Even Playboy condom promotes romantic sex and has a wide range of premium variants to enhance the quality of sex.

An international survey confirms that Playboy brand is synonymous with romance, sex appeal and sophistication.

Other Lesser Know Brands

1. Bangkok Nights Condoms

2. Sensex Condoms

3. Fire Xtasy Condoms

4. Cobra Condoms

5. XXX Condoms from DKT International 

7. Mithun Condoms

8. Convex Condoms

9. Naughty Time Condoms

10. Joystick Condoms

11. Stay-on Condoms

12. Skinn Condoms

13. Apollo Condoms (Brand from Apollo        Hospitals and is mainly available in Apollo    Pharmacies)

14. Love-Me Condoms

15. Kik Condoms

16. Version Condoms

17. Midnight Condoms

18. Exotic Condoms

19. Fantasy Condoms

Socially marketed brands include

1. Masti

2. Zaroor

4. Ustad condoms 

5. Saajan condoms

Government Free Supply

1. Nirodh Condoms
2. Delux Nirodh Condoms


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