Monday, May 20, 2013

Skore Condoms by TTK

Keep the game going
SKORE Not Out condom - Climax Delay & Dotted Condoms
Make the fun and games last in bed with Skore Not Out Condoms. Its specially formulated lubricant* delays climax for men and keeps you going on and on. While raised dots make every moment special for her. So keep scoring and play the game not out. 

Skore Not Out Condoms

Fruity Favourite
SKORE Banana condom - Flavoured, Dotted & Coloured.
Score as you play the game of love with Skore Condoms. Your lovemaking becomes more special with its fruity Banana flavour. To add to your pleasure you have dotted texture and cool colours.
Skore Banana Flavoured Condoms

Delicious Indulgence
SKORE  Chocolate condom - Flavoured, Dotted & Coloured.
Score as you play the game of love with Skore Condoms. The delicious chocolate flavour and colour seduce and enhance the excitemant. And its dotted texture brings greater sensation to your lovemaking
Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms

Juice it up
SKORE Orange condom - Flavoured, Dotted & Coloured.
A great new way to score in bed is here- Skore Condoms. Its Juicy Orange flavour
and colour add a cool touch to your lovemaking. While dotted texture enhances your pleasure.
Skore Orange Flavoured Condoms

Cherish the Sweetness
SKORE  Strawberry condom - Flavoured, Dotted & Coloured.
Its easy to score with Skore Condoms. Sweet strawberry brings new taste to your lovemaking with its flavour and colour. Dotted texture steps up your excitement like never before
Skore Strawberry Flavoured Condoms

A touch of trendiness
SKORE Blues condom - Blue Coloured Condoms.
Step up your game of passion with Skore Blues – trendy blue condoms. Blues add a dash of cool to your lovemaking. And bring you new levels of excitements in bed. With blues you can be sure to score many times over.
Skore Blue Coloured Condoms

Colour the night wild
SKORE  Shades condom- Dotted & Coloured condoms.
Play your game of passion with Skore shades. Condoms that come to you in a assortment of colours. And are dotted to add greater sensation to lovemaking. So, choose your favourite colour and drive her wild with pleasure
Skore Shade Multicolored condoms

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