Thursday, December 11, 2014

Condom Brands in India and there innovation

There are people who keep discreet about many things especially books and many personal belongings.  Discussing about condoms is still a taboo. Condom Brand Skore, which has launched a 'book' to hide condoms, a first by any condom maker in India is a big hit in the market.

People are still shy to dabble about sex. Skore, the third largest condom brand in India, is marketing enthusiastically its unique Hidden Pack others too have been following suit.

KamaSutra Condoms has launched Wallet packs where the foremost part of the couple's image remains hidden. It also has Hardwear packs which are plastic packs easy to carry; KamaSutra Honeymoon Surprise pack that combine condom with fun accessories such as satin blindfold and feather tickler; and Skyn that resembles a high-end perfume pack.

"Inventions are required to make it novel to the consumer in this group. New creations are imperative   at present according reports.  There are people who are open about sex and want to clear doubts regarding condoms.

Couples are getting bold   and sexual attitude is undergoing huge revolution. "Monotony sets in very fast couple need something new with a tinge of variety

Skore's 'book' makes an effort to tackle this issue as well. The first chapter is a curtain raiser enlightening the readers the do's and don'ts on wearing condom. The book gives a fantastic insight into all about condoms, its usage, how to use. The pictorial illustrations enhances the book, it is far from being boring.   Priced at Rs 240, the book will be available on online store 

Durex, another condom brand that has Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh as brand ambassador, is also fully based on innovations.  "They are coming out   'Love Pack’, which will be an assortment of products,"  

Apart from flavoured variants such as strawberry, orange and banana and green apple, Durex also has latex free Real Feel Condoms.  There is not an iota of doubt that condoms journey is going through a   transition   which is for the betterment of the users.