Saturday, November 16, 2013

Durex Play Vibrators range launched in India

Durex has recently launched's it's Play range of vibrators in India. Currently three of the variants are available in modern trade outlets and online stores only. We are wondering, what will be the plan of the company for the traditional channels.

One of the variant Durex Play vibrations is priced at a lower premium price of Rs.400/- per unit, where as Durex Play Little Devil and Durex Play Ultra are priced at Rs.800/- per unit each. 

Crezendo Vibrating Ring is a similar kind of vibrating ring from Moods Condom manufacturer, available at a much economical price of Rs.125/- per unit. Crezendo Vibrating Ring comes along with three Crezendo condoms, where as the Durex range doesn't carry condoms.

On analyzing the pack, we found that both the Durex Play Vibrator range and Crezendo Vibrating rings are manufacture in China. Durex is commanding the premium because of their brand image.

We have compiled the product information on Durex Play Vibrators for our readers.

Play Ultra pleasure ring provides up to 30 minutes of quivering pleasure for you and your partner to enjoy.
Try different ways of wearing it. For example, use it with the power pod at the top of the penis for invigorating, sizzling stimulation for her with the added vibrating contact or use it underneath the penis for thrilling sensations for him.
To get the most out of sex with Play Ultra, take time to enjoy foreplay.  Relax, massage, touch one another wherever it feels good.
Durex Play Ultra

Then, when you are really ready for sex, use Play Ultra and enjoy!
Play Ultra is reusable, easy to switch on and off and can be used with or without a condom.  If you're using a condom be sure to put that on first and take care not to damage the condom when you put the ring on.
New Play Little Devil is a uniquely designed, premium vibrating ring. Its cheeky Devil horns stimulate her whilst the vibrating ring provides added pleasure for him.
It is battery operated and provides up to 30 minutes of naughty, quivering pleasure.
Durex Play Little Devil

The little devil head has a larger contact surface which is designed to increase clitoral stimulation and provide new and exciting sensations.
If you're looking to try new products, want a change from your usual routine or are just feeling a little bit naughty - this is what you're looking for.
Play Vibrations has been designed to bring up to 20 minutes of quivering pleasure to both of you.
For maximum enjoyment, tease, tantilise and experiment with the vibrations.
Durex Play Vibration

It's easy to use, simple to switch on and off and great to experiment with. Play Vibrations can be used with or without a condom. If you are wearing a condom, make sure you put it on first before applying Play Vibrations.

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