Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wetter Sex is Better Sex

When it comes to satisfying sex, experts always say that wetter is always better.  Adding sex lube to your lovemaking can help add to natural lubrication, which can decrease over time due to varying circumstances, including stress, birth-control pills and other medications.  For some, adding a personal lubricant can help ease any pain that can be related to dryness and other conditions, making sex pleasurable again.  Personal lubricant, however, isn’t just for solving dryness issues – it’s also used to add fun to everyday sexual encounters as well.  With the best lubricant for you and your partner, you can take every day sex to a whole new level.
Moods Warm Lubricating Gel 

Although there are many different choices when it comes to personal lubricant, experts agree that water based lubricant are the best way to go.  Although there are some sex lubes that are made primarily from petroleum or silicone, water based lube works especially well with condoms, as it doesn't cause latex to break down in the condoms in the same way that oil-based products do.  Personal lubricant that is water-based is also easy to wash off and it doesn't stain fabric – a definite bonus for those who are looking for something that is easy to clean up.

Another helpful rule of thumb when it comes to picking the best lubricant for you and your partner is that that those who are prone to infections caused by yeast or other bacteria should always use personal lubricants that are made without glycerin.  The sugars found in glycerin feed yeast, causing it multiply and increasing your chances of an infection.  As a result, these types of personal lubricants should always be avoided for women who are prone to these types of infections.

When you have found the best lube for you and your partner through some self-testing and careful evaluation, keep it close to the bed for easy access and slowly start incorporating it into your sexual routine.  Once you and your partner are getting into the moment, pour some sex lube into your hand and warm it up.  Slowly spread it over the tip of the penis, working your way down to the shaft.  The man can return the favor too, by using flavored lube or regular lube on their partner, making the experience pleasurable for both parties.  Of course, sex lube can be used during sex as well by adding it to the tip of a condom before penetration.  Be careful not to overdo it, however, as too much of a good thing can certainly cause a slippery situation when it comes to personal lubricant.

No matter what you choose, remember that a personal lubricant can make a big difference in your satisfaction and your partner’s enjoyment, but only if it’s used correctly.  Be sure to pick products that won’t interfere with your current safe sex practices, and always use a condom or dental dam when engaging in sexual activities for maximum protection.

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