Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Durex Condoms Catelogue

Durex SUPER THIN condoms – 10s PACK MRP: Rs.150/- per pack
So thin it will leave her wondering, if you are really wearing one
Durex Superthin Condoms

Durex PERFORMA condoms – 10s PACK MRP. Rs.120/- per pack
It's the secret to longer-lasting act. Performa contains a special lube - called Benzocaine - inside the condom which helps the man to control climax and prolong excitement...which means longer-lasting act.
Durex Performa Condoms

Durex SENSATION condoms – 10s PACK MRP. Rs.120/- per pack
Hundreds of unique raised dots mean more thrills! Giving extra pleasure and added intensity of stimulation.
Durex Sensation Condoms

Durex FLAVOURS condoms – 10s PACK MRP. Rs.100/- per pack
Show your taste for love. And sip its sweet rewards, in the flavours you choose to. Durex Flavour condoms. Available in banana, strawberry and orange to spice up your night.
Durex Flavours Condoms

Durex JEANS condoms – 4s PACK MRP. Rs.40/- per pack
Durex Jeans is cool love wear.It is trendy and it is comfort wear - just like Denim Jeans. Trendy Blue Condom for Cool Lovemaking.
Durex Jeans Condoms

Durex PLEASURE MAX condoms – 10s PACK MRP. Rs.100/- per pack
Now you can ensure maximum stimulation for you and your partner. The specially designed shape with uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots give extra intensity of feeling. Everyone's a winner with this ultimate condom
Durex Pleasuremax Condoms

Durex GREEN APPLE condoms– 4s PACK MRP. Rs.50/- per pack
Durex Green Apple Condoms

Durex SUPER THIN ULTIMA condoms– 3s PACK MRP. Rs.50/- per pack
So thin it will leave her wondering, if you are really wearing one. 25% thinner than other latex condoms.Manufactured using DUREX microlayer techonology
Durex Superthin Ultima Condoms

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moods Condoms

Moods Dotted Condoms (12s pack: MRP Rs.65/-)
Arouse and stimulate in ways never imagined with Moods /dotted condoms, with specially moulded dots on the outside for all-round pleasure. Condoms made of Natural Rubber Latex. Green coloured lubricated condoms with reservoir tip.
Moods Dotted Condoms

Moods Ribbed Condoms (12s pack: MRP Rs.65/-)
Step up the excitement with Moods Ribbed condoms, ribbed for a unique and sensational love making experience. Condoms made of Natural Rubber Latex. Violet coloured lubricated condoms with reservoir tip.
Moods Ribbed Condoms

Moods Ultra Thin Condoms (12s pack: MRP Rs.60/-)
Give in to the delight of uninhibited pleasure with specially crafted Moods Ultra Thin condoms, made ultra thin for ultra satisfaction. Condoms made of Natural Rubber Latex. Pink coloured lubricated condoms with reservoir tip. 
Moods Ultra Thin Condoms

Moods TripleX Condoms(12s pack: MRP Rs.80/-)
A new generation three-in-one condom with three inbuilt features in one Condom. Moods TripleX condoms are ribbed, dotted and flared for multiplying the pleasure during love making.
Moods Triple X Condoms

Moods All Night Condoms (12s pack: MRP Rs.65/-)
Get ready fir a night full of action with Moods All Night condoms, with a specially formulated stimulant* to prolong the pleasure and fire up the satisfaction. Condoms made of Natural Rubber latex. Natural colored lubricated condoms with reservoir tip.
Moods AllNight Condoms

Moods Choco Condoms (12s pack: MRP Rs.80/-)
For the explorer of heart- a gift of chocolate flavored condoms. Condoms made of Natural Rubber Latex. Lubricated condoms with reservoir tip.
Moods Choco Condoms

Moods Melange Condoms 12s pack: MRP Rs.80/- 
Celebrate the power of choice with Butterscotch, Vanilla and Strawberry with specially moulded dots that promise to drive you nuts over and over
Moods Melange Condoms

Moods Blaze condoms 12s pack: MRP Rs.90/-
Watch the mercury rise with Warm Intimacy condoms which give you and your partner a sensational, warm feeling.
Moods Blaze Condoms

Moods Cool condoms 12s pack: MRP Rs.90/- 
Send a shiver down her spine with the cooling effect of Chill Thrill condoms which are spiced up.
Moods Cool Condoms

Moods 1500 Dots condom 12s pack: MRP Rs.100/- 
Condoms for pleasure that is spot on.
Moods 1500 Dotted Condoms

Moods Aloe condom 12s pack: MRP. Rs.90/-

Condoms with natural touch. Lubricated with aloe vera
Moods Aloe Condoms

Friday, May 24, 2013

KamaSutra Condoms Price

Kama Sutra Condoms – Hardwear Series

The Big Head condoms are condoms with oversized tips for intense pleasure!
Kamasutra M-TV Big Head Condoms

Bi-Coloured condoms come in 2 colour options, the pink condom showing off a red teat, while the natural coloured one with a yellow teat.
Kamasutra M-TV Multicolored Condoms

Kama Sutra Condoms – Desire Series


Kama Sutra Dotted Condoms

Condoms with dotted texture for enhance pleasure. With its unique pyramidal dots, KamaSutra Dotted condoms are sure to bump up the passion levels between you and your partner!
Kamasutra Dotted Condoms

Kama Sutra Ribbed Condoms

Condoms with power ribs for heightened pleasure. With its unique power ribs, KamaSutra Ribbed condoms are bound to heighten the excitement between you and your partner!
Kamasutra Ribbed Condoms

Kama Sutra Smooth Condoms

Give your partner something more with KamaSutra Smooth! Its extra lubircation means greater satisfaction for both of you - go ahead and play it smooth!
Kamasutra Smooth Condoms

 Kama Sutra Condoms – Pleasure Series

Kama Sutra LongLast Condoms

Climax control dotted condoms with a specially formulated lubricant that helps you last longer! Enhance the pleasure !
Kamasutra LongLast Condoms

Kama Sutra SuperThin Condoms

Exta thin condoms for a more natural sensation. Nothing should come between the two of you - at least that's how it is with KamaSutra Superthin condoms. Just the way it should be!
Kamasutra Superthin Condoms

Kama Sutra Intensity Condoms

With its dual textures(dots & ribs) on a contour shape, imagine pleasure so intense it will consumer her with just a touch! For a change, she'll be the one asking for more..
Kamasutra Intensity Condoms

Kama Sutra Wet n’ Wild Condoms

Double lubricated dotted condoms for better stimulation, for the first time in India. Double the lubrication. Double the fun.
Kamasutra Wet N Wild Condoms

Kama Sutra Chill Thrill Condoms

Condoms with 2% menthol for that extra cooling sensation. So, Send a shiver down her spine and heighten the pleasure quotient as the temperature goes down and the passions soar with KamaSutra Chill Thrill.
Kamasutra Chill Thrill Condoms

Kama Sutra Warm Intimacy Condoms

Drive the bedroom temperature to sizzling hot as the passion heats up and the intimacy gets warmer than ever before with KamaSutra Warm Intimacy. Condoms with a special warming lubricant for greater intimacy.
Kamasutra Warm Intimacy Condoms

Kama Sutra Condoms Excite Series

Kama Sutra Chocolate Flavoured Dotted Condoms

Infuse passion and fervor in your lovemaking with the sinful chocolate flavoured condoms.
Kamasutra Chocolate Flavoured Condoms

Kama Sutra Butter Scotch Flavoured Condoms

Fulfill her sensuous desires with this delicious butterscotch flavored condom and make her ask for more.
Kamasutra Butterscotch Flavoured Condoms

Kama Sutra Vanilla Flavoured Condoms

Surprise her by spicing up the night with this tasty Vanilla flavored condom and watch her reciprocate the favor.
Kamasutra Vanill Flavoured Condoms

Indulge in some flirty fun with luscious strawberry flavored condoms.

Kama Sutra Strawberry Flavoured Dotted Condoms Price: 8s pack Rs.40/-
Kamasutra Strqwberry Flavoured Condoms

Kama Sutra Honeymoon Surprise Condoms Pack

An assortment of Dotted, Ribbed, Longlast, Intensity, Superthin, Wet n’ Wild and flavoured Condoms with 24 disposable bags + 1 Pleasure Points booklet, 1 Love Dice, 1 KS Key Chain, 1 Feather Teaser, 1 Satin Blindfold and 1 Scented Gel candle.
Kamasutra Honeymoon Pack

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dildo Maker

The Dildo maker....

Invented in 1933 by the famous french designer Raymond Loewy, this pencil sharpner became an icon of the stream line mouvement. Loewy was one of the first designer to introduce sensual lines in everyday products. From a world of craftmanship and functionality we entered in a world of desire and seduction.

In this new era designers were assign a new mission. A good product is not only an object build with quality, an efficient product, a product with a good price or nor even beautiful looking. A good product has to create emotions. Marketing, advertising ...and the design itself has to communicate emotions to the customers in order to buy this product and bring him the best user experience.

The Dildomaker offers an almost limitless choice of creations.

In 2013 Francesco Morackini introduces the Dildomaker, from the “tools” serie. Playing around with the cliche: “Sex sales” The Dildomaker’s purpose is to provide the users what they really want: “Pleasure” and moreover “sexual pleasure”. The Dildomaker is just a tool which doesn’t give pleasure directely. The distance created here on purpose, tries to raise questions on our relationship between us and manufactured products.

The Dildomaker is very easy to use. Create your dildo as you would sharp your pencil. TIPP! All soft material should be frozen before shaping.

For the Meat Lovers

For the Vegetarians

For those who like pain

For the nature lovers

Monday, May 20, 2013

Skore Condoms by TTK

Keep the game going
SKORE Not Out condom - Climax Delay & Dotted Condoms
Make the fun and games last in bed with Skore Not Out Condoms. Its specially formulated lubricant* delays climax for men and keeps you going on and on. While raised dots make every moment special for her. So keep scoring and play the game not out. 

Skore Not Out Condoms

Fruity Favourite
SKORE Banana condom - Flavoured, Dotted & Coloured.
Score as you play the game of love with Skore Condoms. Your lovemaking becomes more special with its fruity Banana flavour. To add to your pleasure you have dotted texture and cool colours.
Skore Banana Flavoured Condoms

Delicious Indulgence
SKORE  Chocolate condom - Flavoured, Dotted & Coloured.
Score as you play the game of love with Skore Condoms. The delicious chocolate flavour and colour seduce and enhance the excitemant. And its dotted texture brings greater sensation to your lovemaking
Skore Chocolate Flavoured Condoms

Juice it up
SKORE Orange condom - Flavoured, Dotted & Coloured.
A great new way to score in bed is here- Skore Condoms. Its Juicy Orange flavour
and colour add a cool touch to your lovemaking. While dotted texture enhances your pleasure.
Skore Orange Flavoured Condoms

Cherish the Sweetness
SKORE  Strawberry condom - Flavoured, Dotted & Coloured.
Its easy to score with Skore Condoms. Sweet strawberry brings new taste to your lovemaking with its flavour and colour. Dotted texture steps up your excitement like never before
Skore Strawberry Flavoured Condoms

A touch of trendiness
SKORE Blues condom - Blue Coloured Condoms.
Step up your game of passion with Skore Blues – trendy blue condoms. Blues add a dash of cool to your lovemaking. And bring you new levels of excitements in bed. With blues you can be sure to score many times over.
Skore Blue Coloured Condoms

Colour the night wild
SKORE  Shades condom- Dotted & Coloured condoms.
Play your game of passion with Skore shades. Condoms that come to you in a assortment of colours. And are dotted to add greater sensation to lovemaking. So, choose your favourite colour and drive her wild with pleasure
Skore Shade Multicolored condoms