Thursday, June 13, 2013

Carex Condoms Catalogue

Take him in a myriad different ways with carex collection condom – five uniquely different condom experiences indulging the varied tastes of love making. A new high everynight!!!
Carex Condoms

Soak in your every move with carex super thin condom – A next to invisible cloak of protection liberating your raw passion and physicality. Feel nothing experience everything.

A mixture of coloured flavoured condoms which include succulent Banana – Strawberry – Grape – Orange – Apple – blackcurrent with matching colours reflecting the colour of the fruit. Have a colourful tasteful night
Carex Condoms
Carex Super 3 in 1 condoms are lubricated for comfort and contour shaped for firm and tight fitting and sensitivity. The additional combination of ribs and dots will give a unique experience of pleasure and excitement.
Carex Condoms
Real Delay condoms that will give power shot puch. Do not get tired. Prepare for a great work out. To prolong erection and delay ejaculation in style.
Carex Power Shot Condoms

Rough & tough condom is specially designed for the enjoyment of both partners. It has a contoured shape for maximum sensitivity and good grip, and also features delicately raised studs on the condom's surface to increase the intensity of a woman's stimulation, and drastically increases the sensation of love making.
Carex Condoms

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