Wednesday, July 31, 2013

All About Vibrating Ring

If you’re hoping to make a new commitment and aren’t ready for a wedding ring, why not try a Vibrating Ring for your cock? If you’re looking to make your erection a little bit stiffer or last a little bit longer, a Vibrating Ring might be the perfect toy for you. 

Usually made of metal or rubber, a Vibrating Ring is a circle placed around the base of a cock to enhance pleasure and encourage firmer erections. It allows blood to flow into the penis, but not as easily flow out. The stimulation of Pudendal nerves (Nerves in the pubic region) by the vibrations from the vibrating ring causes the increased blood flow and the firmer erections. Vibrating Rings may be particularly useful to people who have diabetes and have a difficulty in getting a good erection. 

Vibrating Rings come in all shapes, colors, and styles and many people enjoy seeing and placing them on a partner in addition to the sensation it provides and the firmness it allows. A more flexible one is safer to use, especially if you aren’t experienced with a constricting sensation yet. Remove a Vibrating Ring immediately if you feel any unwanted pain, discomfort, or numbness, and make sure anyone wearing one is able to communicate their needs with words or actions. 

If you like it, you may as well put a Vibrating Ring on it; just make sure you do so safely. 
Crezendo Vibrating Ring and Condoms

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