Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Girl's guide to oral sex part 1. I don't want to swallow.

I love giving my man oral sex, but I don't like when he comes in my mouth. Suggest me some sexy ways to end the session without swallowing?

While many guys find it incredibly erotic to see a woman swallow their ejaculate, it doesn't increase the physical pleasure they experience. In fact, when the ending isn't so predictable -- as swallowing can sometimes be -- the encounter can be a lot more exciting.

One way to give your man earth-shattering oral pleasure without having him come in your mouth is to finish him off manually. Next time you go down on him, ask him to signal you when he's about to climax so you can move your mouth from his member and stimulate him with your hands. Simulate his favorite oral sex moves; use your fingertip to massage his nerve-packed perineum as you simultaneously stroke his shaft with your other hand. Add some water-based personal lubricant, which resembles the warmth and wetness of your mouth, and you'll really make his head spin. But just because you move your mouth out of the line of fire, doesn't mean you can't continue to give him some tongue action. You'll send him right over the edge if you suck his balls and lick his raphe (the vertical line in the middle of his scrotal sac) as you manhandle him. When he finally does hit the big O, cup your hand over the head of his penis to catch his semen as he ejaculates.

Another way to send him into orgasmic bliss: Let him come on your chest. Start pleasuring him orally, and when he's close to climax put his penis between your breasts. (Amp up the heat factor by slathering your cleavage with lube.) Then, place your palms on either side of your breasts and push them together as he slides his shaft back and forth until he peaks.

Just remember, whether you swallow or not, sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted through oral sex. So use condoms unless you and your partner have been tested and are STD-free.

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