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Let's Buy Condoms online in India

For any average Indian male, particularly for the unmarried ones, buying condom from a shop is the scariest of experiences. One of our friends would travel some 8 kilo-meters to buy a condom, to avoid getting caught.

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Condom is actually an amazing innovation in our lives. It should be rated to some of the best innovations that transformed our lives forever. Condom is the easiest and the safest contraceptive. Yet, the stigma associated with it in Indian society prevents people from buying it. We have survey results that specify some lorry drivers and others in the lower rungs of the society take the risk of having unprotected sex with a sex worker as they find it embarrassing to buy a condom. 

This is madness. But still it is all prevalent.

We challenge you. You ask any average teenager in India and ask him to buy you a condom. You can find him refusing or trying to move out of the environment. Actually condoms promote healthy and safe sex life. Younger generation needs to be sensitized on the advantages of using condoms to enjoy a safe and pleasurable sex life. Habituating to condoms at the right age is important, otherwise younger generation could be endangering their lives.

But to this problem and to steer clear of embarrassment, condoms are now available online. Anyone can order any brand, any variant and any number of condoms from an online condom store. Your order will be immediately processed and condoms will be shipped to your address in a completely discreet packaging. In the sense, no one will know what is inside by looking at the packaging. It is absolutely safe and totally convenient. You can store it at your desk or at any other place safely. You can begin to use condoms as and when you require.

While condom itself is an innovation, making it available online is yet another innovation that helps younger generation get habituated to condoms without having to feel embarrassed about. So, when you want condoms, don't worry about travelling 5 km or don't wait till all customers leave the shop. You can just use your mobile, visit the online condom of your choice and then order the quantity. You can simply choose your brand and quantity and then place your order. It is as simple as that.

This assumes great significance as internet has given unprecedented exposure to porn sites and porn videos to the younger generation. Due to over exposure, the urge to have sex is more. And when they are habituated to safe sex using condoms, it is like channelizing their sexual energy along the safe passage, which otherwise could lead to physical problems and sexually transmitted diseases.

As there are many sites that sell condoms online, it is recommended that you visit sites that sell only condoms and sexual wellness products. When the site sells whole gamut of products and also sells condoms, they are likely to mix up your orders. 

Top online market places of the country, flipkart, snapdeal, paytm or amazon also do sell condoms, but their sales is routed through various small sellers who may not specialize in condoms selling nor do they give that special attention in packaging and labelling to protect your privacy. 

These market places claim to protect your privacy by not mentioning the word condom on the shipping label, but there are other documents likes invoices and shipping manifest that travel along with your condom purchase. It is mandatory for the sellers at flipkart or snapdeal to give a manifest and invoice copy to the courier companies(exclusively arranged by the online market places). These documents clearly declare the content of your purchase, that means the courier person who is delivering the pack to you knows that you have purchased condoms and you are going to use them to night. Worst case is  he may imagine you or the receiver of the pack in a sexual context. 

Hence we strongly recommend to choose exclusive condom selling sites and make your online condom purchase in total privacy and enjoy a safe and healthy sex life.

Finally, here's the list of websites which exclusively specialize in condoms. May it help you out

Buy Condoms Online India


condom king logo

Year of foundation: 2009
Parent Company: Bonne Sante Healthcare
Where they are: 
Gladway Green City, B 1 - IX Avenue, First Floor,
Aruppukottai Main Road, Avaniyapuram Bye pass Road,
MADURAI - 625 012. Tamil Nadu
Phone Number: 0452 2672502, 0452 2673502
Description and Link: Condom King e-commerce site is very unique and first of its kind in India as this is the only dedicated and exclusive virtual bazaar for condoms, contraceptive products and accessories.


Condom Point

Year of foundation: 2012
Parent Company: Unified Prints 
Where they are:  
Bhiwandi - 421302. Maharashtra.
Phone Number: Not mentioned on website - Contact form available
Email: Not mentioned on website - Contact form available
Description and Link: We at Condom Point offer you a choice by helping show a way to purchase condoms in complete privacy and total confidentiality



Year of foundation: 2012
Parent Company: Indicare health solutions pvt ltd
Where they are: 
23, Zamrudpur Commercial Complex, 
Kailash colony Extension, NewDelhi-48
Phone Number: 8130-279393
Description and Link: We at buymecondom operate with the ethos of delivering genuine, high quality healthcare products on a discounted price at your doorstep


Year of foundation: 2010
Parent Company: C A Gain Healthcare
Where they are: 
Plot No 2A, Vasantham Avenue, Gandhi Street
Madampakkam, Chennai - 126. Tamil Nadu
Phone Number: +91 94444 8 2020
Description and Link: "Habituating India to Condoms", by providing largest range of condoms and delivering them in complete privacy


Condom Shopee

Year of foundation: NA
Parent Company: Business Infotech
Where they are: 
UG-21, Ronak Tower, Anand Bazar,
Khajrana Road, Indore-452001
Phone Number: +91-8982780425
Description and Link: Condom Shopee presents a non-pornographic approach to safety, sex education and guidance. The online condom shopee features various brands and variety for safe sex.

Pleasure Raja

Year of foundation: 2014
Parent Company: Pleasureraja
Where they are: 
Not mentioned on website - Contact form available
Phone Number: +91 99 624 55 073
Description and Link: Presenting India with an Online Megastore Exclusively for Adult Wellness Products. Team PleasureRaja welcomes you to a safe and discreet shopping experience


Online Condom Store, Buy Condom Online in India, Buy Condoms Online Bangalore

Year of foundation: 2014
Parent Company: ConCarez
Where they are: 
11th Cross, Cupponpet Main Road,
Bangalore -560 002
Phone Number: +91 9964946596
Description and Link: The main motive of ConCarez is to deliver the products that people would feel embarrassed to buy in retail outlets or shopping centres

Apart from these exclusive Online Condom Stores, there are other sites which also sell condoms as a part of their product list. These websites will also ensure your privacy to an certain extent. Here is the listt

Here come the list of websites operated by companies, that manufacture and market condom in India. Some of them operate their own online stores but some do not. Be cautions when you make a purchase in these sites and they may not maintain privacy of your condom purchase.


If your are looking to buy condoms from online market places, the list below will help. A word of caution, if you are very much concerned about the privacy in delivery of condoms to your house or office, these market places may not be the best choice. They may give you coupon discounts and little bit lower rates, it's you who have to decide between the two Privacy or Price.


The above list is not exhaustive, we welcome readers to share their experience on buying condoms online in the comments column.

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